Privacy Policy


Kim Tian Colour Centre is committed to fulfilling our customers rights with regards to privacy and data collection.

PDPA Act 2012

Our company follows the latest PDPA that protects the privacy rights on the collection, use and disclosure of individual’s data by us.

Usage of information

All personal data collected, processed and used will be solely based on production and/or delivery purposes. Images stored for printing will be kept in our database for a period of 1 month to fulfil any business needs in an event where reprinting occurs. Your images will only be kept longer if its deemed as necessary.

Disclosure of information

We will not disclose, and personal data and images uploaded to any individuals or third-party company other than the purpose of production and processing to fulfil the order. We will only use information for data analysis to facilitate process improvement.


We are not responsible for ensuring the content of the submitted photos does not violate copyright laws.


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