customized framing

customized photo frames

There's a frame for everyone. Your picture is unique. Everyone's style is different, as is everyone's artwork. So our entire range of frames come in any size. It's the finishing touches that can set your artwork apart from the rest so our beautifully engineered frames.

A great picture deserves an equally-great frame. We provide wooden frames in various sizes, colours and shapes to complement your memorable pictures. They are perfect to exhibit at home or in the office, and also make for excellent gifts to friends and well-wishers at any given time.

You can now share your memories with the world with personalized photo frames that are composed of solid wood and crafted by master craftsmen.

Our range of wooden frames will leave you spoiled for choice. Prices are calculated on the basis of size and thickness. If you would like a quotation, please send us the product code and size.

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