tape conversion

transfer home video to dvd

Preserve and treasure your memories with your loved ones forever! Convert your VHS to DVD at Kim Tian Colour Centre now. We specialized in many different types of tape conversion and you can enjoy it either on your TV, PC or hand phones. With a modest and affordable pricing, and coupled with affectionate customer service, you have found the right company to fit your needs and you will definitely not regret it! Rest assured that no copy written material, such as Professional Motion Pictures and home-recorded shows or movies will be transferred.

tapes available for conversion

  • All types of VHS tapes
  • MIniDV
  • Audio Cassette
  • VS43

conversion format

  • MPEG2 (DVD format)
  • MP4 (for online usage)
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Tape Conversion Services
video duration
60 min
120 min
180 min

Each DVD is able to store up to 2hrs of video / audio content.
Tape cleaning is available at $30 per tape.

For bulk orders, please Contact us for best price.