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A Metallic Makeover for your Prints

We take fine art printing in Singapore to a whole new level with Digital Metallic Paper. This is a pigment ink paper, characterized by pearl-like, silvery iridescence, a thick base and high stiffness, exclusively created for digital output. The pearl-like crystals ingrained in the paper give an extremely glossy look, with emphasis on the highlights. Incredible sharpness, brightness, and saturated color coupled with black density make this more attractive.

The final print, which makes it suitable for display purposes. What you finally get is a strikingly shiny and clear image with unmatched quality, sure to take you by surprise with its lifelike details.

Use it for professional photograph printing, perfecting portraits, special events, close-ups, sports and action, animals, or photo art.

Characteristic, metallic base 260gsm

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unit price
12" x 18"
305mm x 457mm
12" x24"
305mm x 609mm
12" x 36"
305mm x 914mm
16" x 16"
407mm x 407mm
16" x 20"
407mm x 508mm
16" x 24"
407mm x 609mm
16" x 48"
407mm x 1218mm
20" x 20"
508mm x 508mm
20" x 30"
508mm x 762mm
20" x 48"
508mm x 1218mm
24" x 24"
508mm 508mm
24" x 30"
610mm x 762mm
24" x 36"
609mm x 915mm
24" x 48"
609mm x 1218mm